The BPA Approach

Why our clients partner with us

BPA has been the global leader in providing Managed Quality Assurance Services for contact centres worldwide for more than 25 years.

Our clients believe we are their ideal partner to deliver measurable improvements in service quality, customer experience and compliance for the following reasons:

Quality Expertise

BPA Quality ensures our clients benefit from best practice quality processes that are directly linked to the assessment and development of each channel of customer contact.

Our specialist team

Our clients use the experience and detailed analysis skills of our highly skilled quality specialists to enhance the level of insight gained and identify areas to enhance customer engagement and experience.

Achievement of tangible business results

Our work with clients has been proven time and time again to have a positive impact on customer engagement, satisfaction and retention, conversion rates, brand loyalty, staff motivation and compliance.

Worldwide experience

BPA has specialised in this activity on a global basis for 25 years. Our clients are reassured that they are dealing with a reputable company with a wide knowledge gained across many business sectors, including some of the world’s biggest brands.

Compliance & knowledge

Our independent quality monitoring and evaluation solutions help support our clients in delivering regulatory and compliance objectives and check knowledge transfer and accuracy.

Our technology & feedback solutions

Designed by QA people for QA people, our state-of-the-art live reporting website delivers comprehensive and analysed results, recordings and feedback in near real-time. These are created by our in-house software development team and are fully tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Our partnership approach

Every client’s business is unique, so we work with them to tailor our services to meet their specific business models and key drivers. Through ongoing dialogue, we ensure that the flow of information, feedback, actionable insight, and reporting solutions provide our clients with the tangible information needed to achieve their aims and enhance customer engagement.

Analysis objectivity & accuracy

The ongoing training of our professional research team and quality assurance processes ensure consistent independent and accurate analysis of data which is fully transparent, allowing the user to completely understand and depend on the actionable insight and feedback received.

Training & development

We provide practical, common sense, training and development support directly linked to enhancing the performance of individuals involved in engaging with customers.

Delivering actionable contact centre insight to the world’s leading brands

In more than 30 years of remote contact monitoring, we have evaluated 10s of millions of interactions between contact centre agents and customers. We have the scale and experience to help organisations all over the world transform their customer experience and drive results within their contact centres.

We support our clients with every element of their quality journey, from their quality strategy, assurance, mystery shopping, benchmarking and surveys right through to sophisticated technology to underpin the whole quality management process.

And all of that is underpinned by the proven, highly effective BPA Approach.



  • People development
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Feedback
  • Follow-up


  • Evaluations / interactions
  • Trends / comparison
  • At all levels
  • Areas for development
  • Actionable insight


  • Interations / transactions
  • Recordings / screens
  • Human or speech analytics evaluation
  • Internal or independent


  • Selecting suitable contacts for use
  • Skill development
  • Process enhancement
  • Benchmarking
  • Compliance


  • Form design
  • Based on evidence
  • Objective
  • Focused on call outcome

The BPA Quality Approach Core Service Elements

  • Quality Effectiveness Audit highlighting performance against industry best-practice
  • Regulatory reassurance / compliance failure reporting / early warning systems
  • Multi-channel evaluations
  • Multi-lingual / cross-culture solution
  • Actionable business insight and intelligence
  • Scalable solutions – with rapid deployment
  • Bespoke quality management software, Builder, used as a hub for all differing data / inputs – performing as both a reporting and coaching tool
  • Identification of positive performance / areas for development and performance gaps
  • Targeted coaching areas – driving performance enhancement
  • Scorecard review – with recommendations for improvement
  • Key metrics improvement through better understanding of data and performance
  • Statistical validity in monitoring and evaluation
  • Delivering best-in-class contact centre and quality teams training
  • Benchmarking vs other BPA quality clients
  • Hub for sharing best practice

Redefining what’s possible

The influence of the contact centre and quality functions has grown over the years, and now covers all aspects of the business from Sales, Marketing, Product Design, Legal and Compliance to the Customer Facing Operations.

We call this the ‘QA Sphere of Influence, and the BPA Approach ensures organisations can fully capitalise on this key resource to help drive quality enabled business transformation.

The BPA Quality approach is proven to deliver real competitive advantage and outstanding results time and time again for our clients and their customer-facing teams.



An international airline company client saw a 36% improvement in sales process adherence.



Leading car manufacturer increased their CSAT by 30% after engaging with BPA Quality



Our last customer satisfaction survey showed 100% of our clients would be happy to recommend us to other companies.

The Human Element

Every conversation is an opportunity to make a real connection, to build the human element. As humans, we have the ability to be creative, intuitive, show real empathy, feeling and understanding; to connect on a human level.

The human element in interactions provides great opportunities to:

The BPA Approach in detail

Culture, Tone and Language Considerations in Quality Assurance

One of the services we offer under managed quality services is large-scale quality monitoring in multiple languages.


Recognising the importance of the Human Element in Customer Interactions

As the QA sphere of influence grows, the need to capitalise on this key resource becomes imperative within your business.


The human element of a contact centre

The Contact Centre Expo is one of the highlights of our industry’s calendar. We review the key talking points from this year’s event.


Maximising the Effectiveness of Quality Scorecards

One of the main areas we are asked about by clients and potential clients alike is: “What is the ideal scorecard?”. We take a look.





Leading car manufacturer saw £4.5m incremental growth revenue as a result of our partnership programme.



The UK’s top online train ticket retailer saw NPS improve from -40 to +15 in nine months.


A multinational company saw a 95% drop in weekly complaint calls, from 200 down to just 10, in only four months.

Andrew Mutch

Chief Customer Officer (EMEA)

Andrew Mutch Joined BPA Quality in September 2014 with a remit to grow the business and place BPA Quality firmly in the number one position for contact centre quality solutions. With a highly detailed knowledge of all aspects of contact centre operations and customer engagement strategy, Andrew is passionate about creating solutions that drive performance improvement, delight customers and deliver a significant return on investment.


Alex Bobba


With 18 years of experience having worked through the managerial ranks, he has driven and overseen the growth of BPA from its formative days to its current 160-strong team at our International Research Centre in Exeter establishing BPA as a leading force in its field and as a preferred partner to some of the world’s most loved brands.

Martin Teasdale

Quality Solutions Director (EMEA)

Martin joined BPA Quality in January 2015 and is our Quality Solutions Director. Responsible for new clients, social media and marketing, Martin plays an active role in the contact centre community, sharing BPA Quality’s story and playing an active part in customer engagement and quality discussions.

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