The team helped us to reshape our thinking and they made sure our scorecards supported our vision and purpose. The insight provided was fair and challenging, presented in a simple and clear format so my managers could easily follow up and make changes.

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Mystery Shopping

The need for positive contacts between your customer-facing teams and your customers has never been more important in the challenging and highly competitive market that business is facing today.

Understanding and measuring how these interactions and experiences represent and shape your business is vital to on-going success.

One of the key tools in understanding the experience of your customers and the service being delivered by your teams is through the introduction of customer experience measurement programmes.

These programmes help you understand how your business is performing from a customer perspective and what steps need to be taken to enhance performance.

Our mystery shopping activity, and the services we provide, is all directly linked to the assessment of each channel of customer contact and delivering actionable data.

Some of the areas of interactions we cover include...

In-person visits to our clients’ customer-facing locations

Telephone experience

Email experience

Online experience

Chat experience

Why implement a mystery shopping programme?

A highly effective mystery shopping programme, aligned with your other quality improvement activities, can be used to:

  • significantly enhance business performance and profits
  • identify service and process gaps and how to improve them
  • increase individual and team performance through identifying targeted training and development needs
  • help spread a culture of excellence across the business

We support you by developing and delivering bespoke mystery shopping programmes that measure customer experience and are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

The benefits of partnering with us

  • Provision of detailed reporting providing actionable insight and intelligence that has a direct impact on your business
  • Help your business better understand what great experience looks and sounds like across every channel and touchpoint
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and legal requirements to maintain a positive brand image, avoid potential issues and reduce complaints
  • Support for sales and marketing activities, gaining a greater understanding on how products and services are positioned and service delivery quality, Insights gained can be used to reposition product messaging
  • To identify any training needs or issues and define targeted coaching programmes that enhance employee knowledge and help your team members to understand the importance of the human element
  • To increase staff morale, recognize and reward good staff performance, motivate and encourage enhanced performance

About our Mystery Shoppers

Our highly experienced Mystery Shoppers are fully briefed and trained in each client’s specific standards, guidelines, language and service culture. Their mission is to capture real insight into each customer experience, how service quality is being delivered and maintained, how regulation is being complied with or gather specific information about products/promotions.

BPA specialises in this activity on a global basis. Clients are reassured that they are dealing with a reputable company, with a wide breadth of knowledge, gained by many years of experience across many business sectors.

Shoppers are all trained thoroughly on all aspects of the project before being sent out on assignments

They are comprehensively monitored during assignments

All Shoppers are given feedback on the work submitted

Shoppers come from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds and are of different ages

Shoppers give feedback on their experiences and are happy to carry out any required initiatives

Ready to implement a mystery shopper programme?